Sunday, June 20, 2010

Family matters

This weekend we drove up to Calgary to celebrate a very special person's birthday. Nana DuPont rarely gets the attention or special treatment she so often showers on the rest of her growing family, so we decided it was her turn and threw her a birthday party to celebrate with her. The event brought four generations together for a great party and somewhat successful photo shoot.....
As each of our families continue to grow and move around the globe, rarer are the opportunities to all get together, so its especially great when it happens. Happy Birthday Nana! Thanks for a great party. 


Prince said...

Hi Dear
Your friend is so humble and sweet as you are.By going to her birthday in Calgary,she will definitely become happy when she saw that you have come in her birthday.

gladventurer said...

Congratulations to each and everyone of you ! What a special occasion and so many little cousins. Yes Eden , family matters.