Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Afloat and still firing

We've been getting a fair few inquiries whether we're all still afloat down here in Medicine Hat. It's true, the rain has been relentless and this weekend saw the worst of it when a couple of creeks overran their banks, less than a km away from the Medalta site here.  Some of the other businesses in this area weren't so lucky, the brick plant IXL was totally flooded out and the Hycroft site across the tracks got a little soggy too. The highway east of the city is still closed between here and the Saskatchewan border and a couple of bridges totally washed out. 

Thankfully the sun has been beating down all day on us today which is a relief for the city residents and the clean up crew that is working hard around these parts. The South Saskatchwan River that runs through town and its tributaries seem to be receding although they haven't dropped the state of emergency yet as they were expecting more rain to fall last night. 

Despite the water coming up as closely as it has, Medalta is still high and dry and the kilns and crew are still firing away. In fact the group loaded up the wood kiln yesterday and lit it up early this morning. They're wearing sunscreen rather than gumboots over there right now. 

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Julie MacMillan said...

glad to hear your all above water these days! : D julie