Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wind caves

With Robin being finished up more or less in the studio, I've been the grateful recipient of some 'mommy time'. Yesterday I gleefully hiked up a local favorite trail called Wind Caves, just east of Logan up the canyon about 15 minutes. The trail is short, but steep and winds itself up a series of switchbacks and ends up at some pretty cool caves. Round trip takes a little over an hour to hike, and I was delighted to spend the morning with my friend Sandra. Sandra and her family are moving to Connecticut next week, so the hike was a chance to hang out together before she takes off. 
The hiking and backcountry around Logan is terrific, but by far the best part of living in Logan has been getting to know some really great people. There are many folks that will be sad to see Sandra, Mike and their daughter Anna leave town, as they've left a lasting impression on so many of us. But they've got plenty of exciting times ahead; new jobs, being closer to family and a dream home building project. Tomorrow night we're getting together with a big group of friends to wish them farewell and have a last drink or two together. 

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gladventurer said...

Happytosee youaregetting out for some fresh air time with Sandra before sheand her family leave. I am still wondering about the chickens and if they have a home in Logan or perhaps in Connecticut.