Thursday, May 13, 2010

Official start

On your mark, get set, GO!

We've officially begun our summer, despite leaving Logan with yet another snowstorm at our heels. We caught this Mother's Day photo with our tulips in full bloom, moments before we pulled out of the driveway to make the 14 hour trip north, home to Canada. Instead of taking our usual route north through Montana we decided to mix things up a bit and headed east towards Boise instead. This route tacked on a couple hours to the drive, but was well worth it for the scenic value - and besides, it's summer! 

The most interesting part of the drive began north of Boise which took us through a series of winding canyons and a whitewater kayaker's playground to Lewiston, Idaho. Our friends and neighbors had told us about this area and deemed the Payette river as one of the greatest they'd ever paddled. Besides enjoying the gorgeous cliffside views, we chose this route because it took us through Lewiston where Robin had sourced out his summer's supply of clay and had arranged to pick up. And even with 500 plus pounds of clay on board, he still had space to dig a little sample of raw clay out of a pullout cliffside. 

Tuesday was full of surprises to commemorate my birthday when we arrived in Nelson late that evening. My mom had made the trip to the Kootenays to be part of the welcome wagon and share a little birthday brownie with me. And yesterday was dedicated to making phone calls, booking appointments and grocery shopping. Whew!

Although we've landed, I'm still not feeling at all grounded. It may take a few days to shift into Kootenay time and transition back into the Canadian life! I'll keep you posted. 



The Unknown Potter said...

Drive safe! I know the clay collecting thing- I wish I could taste the stuff myself! Is it a stoneware?...I am so curious...
take care yous'

The Unknown Potter said...

Happy Birhtday too!