Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Full Plates

Second year of grad school - CHECK!

Robin finished up the semester last night with his final critique after a marathon couple weeks of back to back firings and late nights in the studio. He's been making plates. Lots of plates, with the odd mug and pitcher thrown in to fill spaces in the kiln. He's been doing plenty of research, looking at plates and various forms in books and on the net and even spent time poking through other people's kitchen cupboards to check out their dinnerware collections. He finished unloading the soda kiln yesterday morning, giving himself a short window of time to mull over the results himself before laying them all out on the table for discussion.

Last night after the critique was over he came home and we stayed up late talking about the feedback and critical dialogue that occurred with his peers and professors about his most recent work and ideas. He said it was a really good crit, got everyone talking and seemingly engaged and there was definitely some food for thought to take away. His only regret is not being able to squeeze in one more firing before we head north next week for the summer. 
Unfortunately, or should I say fortunately, all that we have time left for this week is to do a little socializing and packing up. Got a lot on our plate this summer and it seems the time has arrived to dive into it.  

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The Unknown Potter said...

Inspiring, thanks- I am about to do some plates as well..for the fam. Those are very beautifull. I am reminded of some plastic plates I used at the cabin when I was a kid- they had these dividing ridges and a circle area for a cup to sit.. I think I might head off from this idea and see where it goes. Take care there!