Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hoppy times

There was an early easter bunny sighting at the ski hill this past weekend. There didn't seem to be any eggs to be had, but a lot of folks did comment on how fast that bunny could ski! 

We all headed up to Beaver Mountain to finish off the ski season on the last day. I am still amazed at how much progress Isla made this year at skiing. Even her daddy was inspired, and we've convinced him to take a few turns on two boards every now and then, instead of his usual one. 

It was a great family outing, blue bird skies and warm spring skiing conditions. We ran into many friends at the hill, but had to make an early afternoon departure so that we could drive into Salt Lake City to pick up my mom from the airport. Her arrival has been much anticipated, and the kids are thrilled to be spending the lead up to Easter with their Grandma Lady this year. 

It's a good thing she's here, because somebody needs to lassoo that bunny and make sure there are a few eggs to find easter morning. She'll be playing the role of easter bunny this year. Robin and I are headed off tomorrow morning for the east coast, for the annual National Ceramics conference in Philadelphia. Besides looking forward to a getaway with my hubby, I'm giddy with excitement about four consecutive nights of uninterrupted sleep, and the opportunity to check out a part of the continent I've yet to discover. I still have a few things to cross off my list before I lay down my head tonight. The packing is done, but I've yet to finish the basket (pattern) that I've been making for Isla. I'd better get it done, so that I can at least feel I've contributed something to the holiday.  

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The Unknown Potter said...

looks like a wonderfull basket- have a good time at NCECA!