Friday, April 2, 2010

Fabulous Philadelphia

We're going on day #3 here in the heart of Philadelphia and so far I can say it has been a fabulous holiday thus far. We arrived in the early afternoon on Wednesday after the half day journey cross country via Southwest Airlines. Our flights were fairly uneventful and seemed to pass by quickly, although I kept feeling as though I'd forgotten something behind, and realized later I was actually feeling a bit naked without two kids in tow. It took me until the next day for it to sink in that I only had to be responsible for myself these next four days. Knowing that they are safe and totally content back home with Grandma, I've enjoyed the freedom to stay out late, attend art shows and walk the streets of Philly the last couple days. 
Besides taking in several of the art exhibitions associated with the National Ceramics conference that has brought us here in the first place, I've had a crash course in American history realizing only now that Philadelphia is the birth place of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness in America. In the short time since we've arrived I've already walked plenty of cobblestone streets past historical landmarks and out to the Delaware river and back, imagining B.Franklin having done the same. 
There are an unlimited number of attractions and historical sites all within walking distance from our hotel, where the conference centre is adjacent to, making it easy to see quite a bit. I quickly realized how long it has been since I've adventured out in a big city, having been living in the backwoods of B.C. prior to moving to Utah, which neither can exactly be considered a bright lights, big city kind of place. But Philadelphia certainly fits that bill with it's rumbling subway system, skyscrapers and historical architecture amidst bustling shopping districts, sidewalk cafes and the most incredible culturally diverse food market that we can't get enough of. 
Tonight NCECA is putting on a dance for it's conference delegates and hopefully we'll be able to kick up our heels to some great live music. Another day of conferencing and touring around tomorrow and then we'll head back to Utah to discover whether the bunny arrived in Logan afterall despite the foot of snow that recently has blanketed the city. I'm afraid I'm not sad to have missed that weather system, it has been absolutely gorgeous here on the east coast, with magnolia trees and cherry blossoms budding out everywhere. 
But not surprisingly, I still have missed the two little people in our lives, and haven't gone to bed yet not wondering how their day has gone. 

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