Thursday, February 11, 2010

Mug your Valentine

This year, instead of raking the aisles of Hallmark, or paying for prematurely wilted roses or those quickly vanishing chocolates, try mugging your Valentine instead!  

The last couple of days the ceramics students peddled their handmade mugs at a couple locations on campus to raise funds for the guild and the upcoming NCECA conference. Passer-bys had their choice of a variety of drinking vessels, as well as a selection of tshirts from the printmaking department.  

Here's a group shot of a gang of folks that all got mugged by Robin this past Christmas. My brother Chris commissioned Robin to make mugs for all his staff at the Bobbie Burns Heli-skiing backcountry lodge. They were all stoked about the individualized and unique mugs/beer steins. Think how stoked your Valentine will be!!!! 


gladventurer said...

I'm mugged every morning when I enjoy my coffee from one of Robin's special mugs. It goes everywhere with me when I travel especially.

The Unknown Potter said...

Sue just put a mug of coffee in front of me as I read this blog...yummy and I love the Mug-it seems to have a non spill inward turning lip that is usefull for me as I am a committed spiller!!!