Sunday, February 14, 2010

And mom came tumbling after....

In true nursery rhyme fashion, Roscoe and I played out our own rendition of Jack and Jill yesterday. Although our story didn't include a pail of water or a hill, instead it featured a clumsy footed two year old, a panic stricken mother and a flight of carpeted stairs. 

So today for Valentine's Day I am nursing a very sore shoulder and Roscoe is apparently fine! Isla and Robin have headed to the ski hill for a little daddy daughter time and Roscoe and I have parked ourselves on the couch with a pile of books and a pot of tea. 

We did acknowledge Valentine's Day with a heart pancake breakfast much to the kids delight. I have a feeling I might be getting requests to make heart pancakes more often. Happy Valentine's Day! 

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gladventurer said...

Hope your shoulder is better today.Were you carrying Roscoe?????????????