Friday, February 19, 2010

All eyes on Canada

All the Olympic buzz these days has been making me homesick. We don't have cable, so my Olympics viewing is limited to bouncing around on the web, but reading the highlights and seeing the images of what's going on in my home province has made me miss it all the more this week. 

Other than Roscoe's triple axle flip and my near double McTwist down the stairs last weekend, there hasn't been much for sports going on around here. I've had to give up my gym visits to let my shoulder heal, which continues to throb and ache. I'm hoping we'll make it to the hill this weekend for a ski day, but even the job of wrestling kids into snowpants makes me cringe. 

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gladventurer said...

Oh you poor thing. I really do feel for you. You must be feeling absolutely miserable having just gotten over your neck issue in November. What a bummer. An e-mail sent to you will show you that there is worse things but for now it's your discomfort that is the issue for you. love you