Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sunday suppers

Might as well dive right into my cookbook project, I'm thinking, with plenty of recipes to perfect and as many more still to try out. The idea for a cookbook has been brewing actually for quite awhile, and was originally suggested by my dearest friend Kim way back last spring during her visit, as something I could do to occupy my time (like I'm not busy enough with two wee ones). 

Kim and I have an ongoing tradition of sourcing out and gifting one another with interesting cookbooks. This year, it was Robin, um I mean Santa, that picked out a couple of terrific additions to my collection. So today when the kids were both napping I was able to thumb through this one.  
Robin and I also have begun a new tradition of 'Sunday Suppers', where we pick a meal that we can cook together, and if possible even get the kids involved. So far we've had a couple of successful attempts at homemade pasta and pizza. Tonight we conquered the Peirogi! Isla and I made a yam & leek with asiago cheese filling and the dough from scratch while Robin bbq'd up some rubbed and glazed pork spareribs from a recipe we found in the other new cookbook: 

I have a feeling that we might be eating lots of slowcooked, fall of the bone kinda meats this coming year. Besides the books I acquired, there were also a couple of books under the tree for Robin....
and I'm sure once we're back home, this one will make it's debut!


Ron said...

I'm looking forward to your cooking and cookbook project.

The Unknown Potter said...

Hi I am looking forward to it too!It has been awhile since I checked your Blog- I will get to it. Last night I signed out a must-see movie that I think you would like to see
HOW TO COOK YOUR LIFE is about cooking and your life... the fellow that wrote TASSAJARA BREAD BOOK - a zen monk named Edward Espe Brown. It was from the library- an on-line excerpt can be watched to see if it interests you.
daniel stark
do you do facebook at all?
I LOVE the photo af your pots on the shelf!
CUP plus BOARD equals CUPBOARD...