Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Back to school blues

And I'm the only one that's got them! Both Robin and Isla started back at school this week. Robin, happy to be getting his hands dirty once again after an entire month off. And Isla, thrilled to be back at preschool twice a week, hanging out with her friends again. Me on the other hand -  I'm in the usual old funk. Robin recognized it as something that has come round at the beginning of every semester. I suppose this one is no exception, after having the daddy around for four solid weeks, plenty of hanging out and drinking coffees together, I'm sad it's over. Although I have no excuse to be cranky about it, and plenty enough projects to occupy my time, so today I'm trying to put on a braver face than I have the last couple of days. 
Something new that I plan to rely on as mental health food this winter, is that the golf course across the street has opened up a public x-country ski track. It's fabulous, all I have to do is grab our gear and hop the fence and away we go. Last winter I made the trip to Green Canyon several times, also a terrific spot, but it meant packing up the car and gear (including the stroller and ski attachments). This year Isla is bigger and eager to do a little skiing herself, she has a little pair of skis that work perfect on the groomed trail and Roscoe is still content to ride on my back, well.....most of the time. 
I've already been out a couple times this week, and hope to get some skiing in while Isla is at preschool too and perhaps even some night skiing equipped with a headlamp. The weather has been sunny since we've been back, although with an inversion and bad air quality. I'm hoping for a system to move in and clear it out soon, I like the sun, but I'd be happy with some fresh snow too. 

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Schmoo and Beans Mom said...

Why did you put a baby picture of Bean on your blog?! What a resemblence.

I'm wishing for some sunshine too.

Miss you.