Saturday, January 9, 2010

2010, Here we come

Here we are already into week two of 2010 and I feel like time is passing us by. Our impromptu trip north to visit friends and family this past week has given me a new appreciation for the time we have remaining in our graduate school adventure.

Despite me falling gravely ill and spending a good part of the trip in bed, it was still a terrific trip. Lots of cousin cuddles, hugs from Nana and even a visit with Papa Wes.  I did manage to make a full recovery from my death bed and was able to even enjoy a glass of wine with some friends. 

The spontaneity and the timing of our trip was perfect for many reasons. It was wonderful to keep riding the wave we first caught back in early December when we left for Mexico, an extended holiday that was focused on family time together. It was also wonderful to share our final week back in the Kootenays, a reminder of who and how much we have to look forward to coming back to. And, without having shared too many details about it beforehand, the trip also coincided with a potential job opportunity that had come up back home for me. 

The job would have been a fantastic one for sure, but the timing would have really sucked. It would have meant ultimately cutting this adventure short, for the kids and I anyhow, moving back to Nelson without Robin and somehow managing full time work and full time parenting until he finished his degree. Seeing that here I am, southbound for Logan again, I didn’t get the job. And I do feel relieved in many ways.

The experience has made me realize that the reality of going back to work is really not that far away, and that making the most of the time left should be my priority. So what does that mean? Firstly, embracing the tender ages of my kids and trying to make each and every day meaningful and memorable. Secondly, I’ll continue to love and lavish my hardworking husband with whatever I have to offer up for support as he gears up for his thesis. And finally, I’m going to throw myself back into the kitchen and combine my writing with the enjoyment I’ve gotten out of cooking and experimenting with recipes this last year and try and write a cookbook of sorts. “The Potter’s Wife Cooks”, how catchy!



Julie MacMillan said...

Kuddos to you there wonderlady! Jason says you sound like a very loving and supportive wife/mom and perhaps I should hang out with you a little more! LOL ( i gave him a smack in the chest) Mind you hanging out with you would create many a good times! The cook book sounds fun! Perhaps you could have pictures of the food with Robin's pottery as background! I love picture cookbooks...K happy new years..I'll give you a jingle sooner than later!

twohig's said...

oh nooooo...I am sorry you were sick for part of your trip! What a bummer! Glad you are feeling better though. I am anxious to hear more about this job you looked into. Sign me up for a copy of your cookbook :) You are a fantastic cook (and writer) fun! See you when you get back to 1500E

gladventurer said...

OK that was another good one and glad to see the Potter's wife blog back in action..