Wednesday, January 27, 2010


The week seemingly started off on a good note, but in the course of it's first 48 hours the DuPont family has acquired not one, but TWO traffic tickets. EEK! The ironic part was that I got pulled over Monday night for having a burnt out headlight, to which the police officer gave me a warning but proceeded to slap me with a ticket for driving without my license. THEN, this morning on the way to delivering the Jeep to have the headlight replaced - Robin was pulled over for speeding!!!! How ironic. 

On a side note, someone recently sent me an email forward that included a threat of bad luck if not forwarded. HMMMMMMMMMMMMMM (To all friends and family: for the future, please refrain from sending bad luck forwards!) 


twohig's said...

OH NO! I promise I will never forward you one of those, but don't forget my trick of not scrolling down to the bottom where those nasty words are!

gladventurer said...

Double OUCH