Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Weekend Report

The storm we've been eagerly waiting for finally arrived on Friday, helping to push out all that stinky stale air we've been breathing the last couple of weeks and we're now sporting goggles over noseplugs! 

It also left behind a heap of snow, which warranted not one, but two trips to the ski hill over the past few days. On Friday I took the kids up with our friends Kate and her two little ones. The snow had already started to fall heavily which slowed Isla and her pal Finnegan down substantially on the bunny run. They spent more time jumping in the snowbanks and catching snowflakes on their tongues than actually skiing, but was fun to go up regardless. 

Saturday we shifted gears and hit the pool in the afternoon, and then spent the evening hosting Sushi Night with our friends Trevor and Donna. Isla attempted her first roll and would have eaten the rest faster than we could make them if we'd let her. 
The same storm kept up throughout the weekend, and by Sunday morning there was some considerable POWDER to be skied!!! Robin joined us at the hill for a family day of skiing. I didn't have any problem convincing Isla that she was ready for the chairlift run. She managed three runs on the chair, and would have gone up again if her little legs weren't so tired. We are fast becoming a bonafide ski family! 

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