Saturday, January 30, 2010

A taste of home

Some of our good friends from home flew into town Thursday night for a quick visit. They are on their way through to Maui for a well deserved month of relaxing by the seashore. We were totally stoked that Ian and Steph made the effort to make Logan a pitstop, it was a great couple days of catching up and talking about the future, and we convinced them to pack along a pound of our favorite Oso Negro coffee beans. 

We first Ian and Stephanie over a decade ago through the ceramic circles, and then really got to know them once we moved to the Kootenays. Steph has since moved out of clay and into the realm of community development, which she is fantastic at and continues to inspire me with her ideas and commitment. I was lucky to have worked with her on a project in Nelson, developing a permanent historical exhibition for the local museum, Touchstones Nelson

Ian has too (somewhat) moved on from clay and is deep into the realm of mixed media these days. He has spent the last 3 or so years travelling the world, participating in residencies and finding inspiration in materiality and making statements about the excesses of our consumer society.  His latest exhibition, Refuse Culture: Archaeology of Consumption is a group of eight installation pieces examining our relationship and impact on the environment.  Parts of Refuse Culture will be showing at the Touchstones Art Gallery in Nelson, B.C  this March and then at the Surrey Art Gallery in April. But as for this month, Ian and Steph will be soaking up some sun and R&R. Happy holidays you two, and thanks for the coffee! 

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