Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Pie eaters

I love having my mom here! We've had such a productive week quilting, touring around and checking out our favorite local spots and events, baking (not so productive), and even some free babysitting. Woo hoo!

Last night we went to a pie party at Trevor and Donna's place! The USU ceramics gang all got together to eat pie. The only criteria for this party was that you had to bake a pie - sweet or savory. What was even better was that Robin volunteered to bake the pie - rhubarb, his favorite. The first portion of the evening turned out to be quite the culinary experience which included sampling spinach quiche pie, a tomato and basil spelt flour crust pie, and a pork and veggie shepherd's pie. And that was just the first course. We moved on to a dessert choice of blueberry, rhubarb, apple, cherry, pumpkin cheesecake, lemon tart and a yogurt with peach topping pie. There was even a chocolate ice cream pie!

The second half of the night we turned their living room into a dance floor and tried to burn off all that pie. It was a very fun night indeed. Thanks mom for the fun pass out!

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Schmoo and Beans Mom said...

Hooray for the fun pass! Looks like fun....and kudos to Robin for making your contribution.