Friday, November 6, 2009

0 for 2

Well it's been somewhat of a disastrous week, in the kitchen anyways. On Tuesday I set about baking a cake for my friend Kate's surprise birthday party that had been planned and orchestrated by her husband Mike. I had spent the morning with my mom and the kids and had planned to get cake baking once they were down for a sleep. My choice of cake was a yummy recipe that I'd made from the Rebar cookbook before, a rich and delicious layered chocolate cake. So I knew that I'd have to devote some considerable time to the baking and assembling. I had forgotten although that this particular cake required parchment paper for baking, and in my poor judgement I skipped it (to forgo a trip to the store), and of course the first layer of the cake came out of the pan in clumps and crumbles. So off to the store I went to get parchment paper, now at least an hour behind schedule for finishing before the surprise party. I did manage to finish the cake (two layers instead of three), after another flopped layer came out sunk because I tried to rush it, but we did make it to the party in time without spoiling the surprise and had a very fun time. 

My second failed baking attempt happened Wednesday afternoon with a batch of botched bread. Somehow the oven was turned off inadvertently and my loaves came out slightly moist with a few sink holes. The bread is still edible, but not quite as pretty as I had hoped.  I am however thrilled to still have the company of my mom to distract me from my culinary failures. She has decided to stick around for a while and help out in more ways than one. 

The weather has been gorgeous this week so we've been doing lots of walking on the local trails and around the neighborhood. Yesterday we made a trip to the lake to feed the ducks and hang out in the sunshine. We've also been to the fabric store to pick out some material for a quilt for Isla's bed. When she told me that she was going to stay a few weeks, I jumped on the chance to put to use her quilting expertise and hopefully we'll get a good portion of the quilt done while she's here.  We've already got the squares cut and have begun piecing them together. 

Mom's timing is perfect for an extended stay. This semester has been a particularly stressful one, with a very full load for Robin, we both are grateful for the added support she'll provide this month. I even got out to a movie the other night, and perhaps with another adult around to help with the kids I'll be able to focus a little more when the oven is on. 


Julie MacMillan said...

Your ma just wrote on my blog to say she's down with you! Gotta love those mamas! Mom has been such a super relief in our situation too. She allows me to go outside for an hour or two every day and break trail for a cross country ski path. So so so good for the brain....Flying down to Van on the 19th for a week now. Lots of tests. So options are starting to surface though that are closer to the hospital so bonus for that! Anyhooo ya I'm such a bell timer cook. Without that bell I would blacken EVERYTHING! Better luck next time! Cheers Julie (PS the bread looks scrummy)

twohig's said...

your cake was fantastic...the third one anyway :) thanks for making it for my birthday!
I love the looks of Isla's new quilt! Fun fabric...I am sure it is something she will cherish.
thanks again for the birthday surprise cake and the great gift :)