Saturday, October 31, 2009

More candy please

Once upon a Hallowed eve, Snow White and a friendly lion went out in search of candy. 

Snow White, who was older and more experienced in retrieving candy from adults, was keen to teach the friendly lion how it was done. 

It did not take very long for the clever little lion to catch on and he himself became quite astute at filling his bag full of sweet treats.

Along the way, Snow White and the lion discovered many others that shared their love of candy and were happy to join in on the quest. 

Snow White was the happiest she had ever been, dressed in sequins, amongst friends and a bag full of all the candy she could ever dream of eating! Even when it came time to go home to bed, she made no fuss, having had her fill of chocolate, and happily drifted off to sleep clutching her candy bag.

The lion on the other hand was not as happy to call it a night!

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Designer, Seamstress and Gardener, Elsje Boer said...

You are a fairy tale teller! I can see it now! LOLOLOL