Sunday, September 27, 2009

Aggressive Aggies

It's homecoming weekend at USU. That usually can be summed up in a parade,  a whole lot of street painting and a big college football game. Last year it seemed fairly tame, not that huge of a partying crowd around these parts. Especially since the majority of them forgo the boozing it up component that I was familiar with in my undergraduate years - doesn't jive with the faith here. 

Strangely enough this weekend seemed to be full of reckless and rowdy college student incidents. On Saturday morning we stopped in at the studio before heading down to the farmer's market to find the kiln compound and parking area outside the clay department littered with broken shards of pots. Unbeknownst to anyone in the ceramics program, someone or group of someones had thought to make a game of smashing up whatever pottery they could find around the kilns. It's sad, really. Especially since Robin, Bobby and Christa had just finished their firing and not all the work had made it indoors. 

Robin was lucky to not have lost anything, but poor Christa had some of her favorite bowls destroyed.  But here is a look at some of the work that did make it out and survived the sober homecoming razing. 

Robin is spending some quality time in the studio today with his dremmel and the dozen teapots he plans to whip into shape for Monday's crit. The kids and I are having a lazy Sunday afternoon nap (hopefully) to catch up on some lost sleep after our neighborhood frat house kept us up with their after midnight basketball practice (Did I mention that we got new neighbors this year - 5 college undergraduate boys)! 

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