Thursday, September 24, 2009

Don't get cocky

I once wrote in a cover letter that I had a  "passion for heritage and history", which is altogether true, but nonetheless considered corny by my brother and the result of many family jokes. Regardless, I am just fine with having an interest in Geneology, reading historical fiction and nurturing my love for the old and antiqued! 

Perhaps just another reason why I married 'the potter' and can appreciate the aesthetic of woodfired pottery. Plus the fact that I would way prefer to eat off of something that looks as though it has withstood the test of time, than Corningware! We are all eagerly awaiting the opening of the kiln today to see what surprises lay inside. I am hoping this first round of teapots will bedazzle us all, and he can use them to enter a whole raft of shows and exhibitions. Robin has already peeked a few times, but to be fair to the others, has tied his hands behind his back and agreed to wait until they could all unload together. 

In my attempts to pass on my nostalgia for simpler times, we
drove out yesterday to the American West Heritage centre for a storytime in their lobby. We've been to several
kid focused events at the Heritage centre, but this was a first for their free preschool program. Isla and Roscoe teamed up with a dozen other toddlers and preschoolers to listen to a story about a dinosaur and then make dinosaur skin with clay and dried corn cobs. Roscoe was more interested in trying to eat the kernels than play with the clay. But the highlight of the trip for the kids was the cocky rooster that insisted on sharing their popcorn treat outside the building after the program. 

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Grandma Lady said...

Nothing beats a beautiful day in the country with your little ones.