Wednesday, September 30, 2009

See ya summer!

It's been a slice! Summer, that is.

But we knew it was coming, it's been the talk around town for the last several days - a shift in the weather, yes, a drop in temperature, sure, a seasonal change, s'about time, but I don't think anyone was prepared for snow! 

In anticipation, I got out the knitting needles at the beginning of the week and have been warming them up again for a winter full of wooly projects. Bring on the yarn! Last night I even shared my couch with a few of the gals and we knitted up a storm while another blew in outdoors. 

It has been a terrific summer and extended warm September month here in Utah, and although I'd prefer a few more days of fall rather than skipping straight to winter, I welcome the cooler air. The weekend weather was stunning, and we spent much of it outdoors. The kids and I cycled down to the dam at the mouth of the canyon and met up with friends for a little fishing expedition. No luck with the fish, but the water was warm enough to at least get in ankle deep. 

Then later, we snuck in a warm evening cookout up the canyon on Sunday with the same gang and another family. The gaggle of kids were happy to forage in the woods, climb trees and roast marshmallows while we older kids hung out by the fire and made a vow to do this kind of thing more often

We just might have to bring along our parkas!


Schmoo and Beans Mom said...

Love the new parkas....where'd they come from?

It's cold and blustery back at home too.

katy-kins said...

wow, looks like fall has treated the duponts well. the kids are still cute, Robin's pots are amazing and you are HOT.
thinking about you.