Thursday, June 25, 2009

Taking Inventory

The little train kiln came through with some nice crockery for us to take back to Canada. This afternoon Robin brought it all home and laid it out for us to take stock of what to pack and what to pitch, and most of it made it's way into boxes that are now packed up and ready to make the trip north to the motherland. 

We're pretty much packed up otherwise as well. Minimal clothes, even fewer toys, a few toiletries and that's about all we'll have space for around the pottery boxes. It was a busy week of sorting and organizing. Getting the house ready to leave for a chunk of time, and arranging for the yardwork to be taken care of by a local kid down the street. I've spent a great deal of time as well pleading with our cherry tree which is ohhhh soooo close to being ready to go off, in fact I think by Monday it'll be lush with bright red plump cherries. Sniff! I've made sure to tell all our neighbors and friends to drop by and enjoy them, because we sadly won't be able to this year.  

There were lots of last minute errands to run today and a few visitors that popped by to say farewell. Robin made a trip down to the woodlot as well to check his wood supply for fall. He's expecting to hit the ground running once again when we return in August from our six week summer vacation in the Kootenays.  It'll hardly be a vacation, with all the things we have planned: a trip to Calgary to visit family, teaching at KSA, gardening at the Elders, a wedding in Fort St. John, working on the house, more gardening at the Elders, a studio tour and sale.....and hopefully a woodfiring in our own kiln at some point in there. 

We were hoping to leave at the crack of dawn tomorrow morning, but as no surprise we'll be unloading a gas kiln of porcelain ware first thing and packing hot pots into the mix of road snacks and carseats.  

It's been such a great month of June here in Logan, pretty relaxing and plenty of socializing. The weather didn't cooperate entirely, the first two weeks of the month were wet and cool. But this last week has been glorious. We've been enjoying the warm evenings and barbequing outside in the backyard with friends, we even made it to the local outdoor pool. 

In some ways it's sad to be leaving....our friends, our fruit trees ....but from what I've been told, we've picked the perfect time of year to skip town because it's going to get HOT down here any day now and not let up for the whole time we're gone. Besides, it'll all be here when we get back, except of course for the cherries...... 


gladventurer said...

Safe travels Eden with your family. See you in FSJ

Matthew Katz said...

My name is Matt Katz and I write Slipcast Blog ( I am collecting a master list of ceramics blogs. I have added your blog to my list, Please check it out. If you know of a blog that I have missed. Please let me know.
Love your blog,