Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Oh Canada!

Happy Canada Day! It's great to be back in the homeland. We pressed the pause button on our Logan life last Friday morning and made the fourteen hour trip north to the border to spend the remainder of the summer up here in our home and native land

The road trip itself was fairly uneventful. We typically split the trip into two days, and drive about 7 hours each day which is about all the kids can handle. But the first day this trip ended up dragging out to closer to 9.5 hours, as once we found ourselves in Helena there turned out to be no room at the Inn (any of them). Too many events and conferences planned for the weekend forced us to keep moving north along the highway. The kids were troopers and didn't seem to mind the extra leg of the trip, but proved to be harder to get down to sleep in their overtired state once we finally found a hotel room that night in Great Falls, MO. 

At least the next day they slept a little better enroute to Calgary and the only major event was the random dinosaur encounter just south of Lethbridge, AB. But other than that, nothing out of the ordinary. 

We arrived in Calgary mid-afternoon on Saturday and settled into a fabulous four day visit with family and friends. The purpose of our trip to Calgary was primarily to meet a couple of new family members and to give Isla and Roscoe some quality cousin time. They both loved staying with their cousin Nolan and new baby Landon, and we had some terrific meals and playtimes with Ryleigh, Cian and Auley too! 

We snuck in some visits with friends too, caught the tail end of a woodfire unloading at the art centre, several trips to the passport office (many thanks to my friend Kate back in Logan that got us out of a pickle and was more than happy to make a trip to Fedex on our behalf), a quick roadtrip to see the new ceramics program facilities at Red Deer College and we finished it all up with fireworks and a show of thunder and lightening to celebrate Canada Day. 

Canada Day (July 1st) is actually a celebration of the Date of Confederation (1867) when the four original provinces joined together into a federation and became the Dominion of Canada. For Calgarians, it also preempts the start of the "greatest outdoor show on earth" - The Calgary Stampede. We figured that leaving town before every redneck and rockn'roller descends on our birth city is probably a good idea. Besides, Kootenay lake is calling our name.  

Many thanks to all that went out of their way to see us and make us feel so loved while we were back, special thanks to all the DuPonts. Now it's time to head back to the land of tamaracks and Paddywhacks (Nelson Brew)........

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