Monday, June 22, 2009

I can deal with Lens Error.

My camera is working again. I took it into the only specialty camera store in town, where they informed me that all digital repairs are a minimum of $150, so you might as well just fork out for another one. So I persuaded the clerk to fiddle with it anyways to see if she could un-jam the lens, since that seemed to be the problem. I gave her permission to reef on it, figuring that if it was broken, what more harm could be done. And she fixed it! Well almost, now every time I turn it off it reads lens error.....but I can deal with that. 

Here is the photo that I took at the arts festival right before it went flying unexpectantly into the air and came crashing down onto the sidewalk. 

My weekend got a little brighter after I realized I wouldn't have to buy another camera just yet. I was able to get my editing work done thanks to my friend Kate who offered to have Isla over for a playdate, meanwhile Roscoe made a cooperating effort and slept for 3 solid hours on Saturday afternoon. AND the landlord dropped by with a new lawnmower. Bye bye stinkeye. 

We all gathered at the kiln for supper and had a cookout with the loading crew. The kids had a blast running around the compound, climbing in and out of the double wide kiln and ontop the wood piles. 
They finally finished loading the kiln around 7:30p.m. and Robin started out the night with the first shift. The next day I figured he'd appreciate a sleep in since he didn't get home until after 2 a.m., so I had the kids up and out of the house early. We hit the farmer's market under gloomy looking skies and came home to spend a rainy afternoon indoors. 

The potters ended up firing the kiln until 3 a.m. which made for a lazy Father's Day morning for Robin. Isla was bursting at the seams, anxious for him to wake up to give him his cupcake that she'd picked out for him at the market the day before. We did treat him to supper out as well at a local Mexican place.  But I did forget to get the annual Father's day photo with him and both the kids all together- can't blame that on lens error, just human. At least we're up and running again. 

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Schmoo and Beans Mom said...

Happy Father's Day Uncle Ra-Ra. Can't wait to see you all next week!