Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Stinkeye

That's what we refer to Roscoe's new look of disdain that he frequently throws out to the world these days, whether he wants something off the kitchen counter that he can't have, or has just been sideswiped by his older sister, or if he has just woken up and is not quite ready to face that big bad world - that's what we get - the stinkeye. 

It's basically a snarly frown. And tonight I have perma-stinkeye. I'm having a rotten evening. The first 2/3rds of my day had been quite enjoyable, the kids were great, we'd been out to a playdate and to run errands. Then returned home for lunch and they both went down for a long afternoon sleep - which gave me the opportunity to do some work on the computer. 

In my over enthusiastic manner, I have picked up some contract work doing some editing and writing for a couple of different people back home in Canada. I've actually really been enjoying it, a nice change of brain functioning from the everyday mommy-mode. I even sent out a call to a couple other contacts to see if they had any work for me, since I was enjoying it so much and managing to get it all done with time left to spare. But of course, it has bottlenecked on me, but only because Robin is doing a wood firing this weekend and has very little time until after the deadlines. Although he was able to help out today and he took the kids for an hour in the late afternoon so that I could get down to work. 

Supper time rolled around and he and the kids came home to tell me about a summerfest arts festival that was happening in the downtown green space. So rather than making supper we headed down the mountain to check out what greasy concession food they had. It was a fun evening, lots of booths and artwork to peruse, plus rows and rows of corndog, mini doughnuts, cotton candy and fried chicken vendors. We managed to find a Polynesian rice bowl and some pizza and picnicked on the grass for our evening meal. It was a lovely time, until that is I dropped my camera on the concrete sidewalk on the way back to the car and I am now afraid it might be beyond repair. So that incident put me in a foul mood and angry at myself for my own clumsiness. It also got me thinking about how we still need to deal with the broken lawnmower that is not repairable, adding another expense to our growing debtload. Urk!

Robin headed straight back to the studio to get to work, after his leisure evening with the family, he really did need to get wadding and glazing as they are planning to load the woodkiln tomorrow. The bedtime ritual seemed to drag on, which only furthered my bad mood. Isla continued to creep out of bed at least a hundred times, each time with a new excuse and soon saw her mother lose her patience. Her persistence kept up with some high pitched wails, only to wake Roscoe up to join the chorus. 

My intention had been to put them to bed early so that I could get a good start on editing this document that needs to be done before the weekend is up. It didn't quite happen that way.  And now here I am, sporting my own stinkeye look, glaring at the computer screen, too frustrated and tired to start any kind of editing work that I'm going to need to help to pay for my broken camera and lawnmower. AND I can't even take a photo of it!!!!!!

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gladventurer said...

Wishing you a better day today!

I am on the run as well as we prepare for being on the road over the next 5-6 weeks over 2 provinces and one territory.

Hang tough you only have 30 plus years to reach my present state of adventures.