Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Letter 'P'

The letter of the week is 'P it seems'.

'P' is for Preschool. Isla is into her second week of preschool and still loving every minute of it. Unlike last week, we've kept our plans to a minimum on the days that Isla is at school in the morning (Tuesdays and Thursdays) because she seems to need to nap on those particular days.  

'P' is for Pyjama days. On the mornings that we don't have to get up and out the door, Isla and Roscoe have been happy to putter around the living room playing with their toys, while I sip coffee and bask in the sunlight until one of them makes the first hunger call. Their latest game is to haul as many toys as they jointly can manage and set up a picnic behind the big armchair.
'P' is for Pulling weeds and Pushing lawnmowers.  With the warm weather we've been having, lawn maintenance feels like a never ending process. I've waged war with the dandelions out front and surrendered to the army of them in the back. My preference is that our landlord does not use pesticides to eradicate them, but that means me having to put some elbow grease into getting rid of them. 

'P' is for Pasta night. Our Pal Sunshine came over the other night with her Pasta machine and all the ingredients for a delicious supper. The kids loved the interactive component to preparing the meal and got right into the cranking the wheel part.  We made fresh fettuccine noodles with a cream sauce that was to die for. 

'P' is for Pizza and Patio. Tonight we took advantage of the perfect weather and walked over to the local pizza parlour a few blocks away. We met up with our friends Maria, her kids Colin and Violet (whose daddy is also in Korea) and Maria's mom Peggy for a pizza party on the outdoor patio. Our mealtime did not go without incident, as expected with 4 small children, but worth getting out of the house for and the excuse not to have to do dishes. 

'P' is for Patience. Which I am trying my hardest to exercise these last few days. We are all very keen to have Robin home again in only 4 more sleeps. 

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