Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Catching up

Well we did it! Three weeks without the dada seemed like an eternity, but we managed and are thrilled to finally have him home with us. We have spent a blissful morning together catching up on what's happened around here, and all the stories he brought back with him from his trip. 

Now, Isla and Robin are catching up on some much needed sleep, both snuggled down for an afternoon nap in our bed, while Roscoe is snoozing away in his crib and the mama is at a loss for what to do with her free time?  

The last couple of days seemed particularly more trying, perhaps in anticipation of his return. Luckily our calendar filled up quick with dinner invitations and backyard parties over the Memorial Day long weekend and our friends and neighbors kept us distracted from counting the hours. 

Even when he called to say that they had missed their flight from Los Angelos and would be arriving a couple hours later than originally planned, I thought, someone must be testing me.....
But all my restlessness and anxiety have since vanished since I picked him up late last night at the Salt Lake City airport, and funny enough, life seems as though it totally returned to normal when we all woke up this morning to get Isla ready for preschool. 

Now I just can't decide what I missed more, crawling into bed with him at night or enjoying that first cup of coffee together in the morning. Ahhhhh, it's just great to be all together again. 

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gladventurer said...

What an adorable Mother and son!