Monday, May 18, 2009

Sunny days

It's hot! 29 degrees outside (or 84F, if celsius isn't your thing). Not unbearably hot, but warm enough to get up and out of the house early in the morning because the afternoons are all about hanging out by the poolside. 

I was woken early this morning by a phone call from Korea. Robin was about to head off to sleep and thought he'd try us. I was happy enough to crawl out of bed and boot up the computer so that we could skype. He's also counting down the days until his return, only 1 week left of this whirlwind of a tour he's on. Roscoe eventually woke up and caught the last few minutes of our overseas conversation, but Isla slumbered on and was disappointed that she had missed her dada when she did eventually wake up. 

Without any prior plans in mind we called our friend Kate to see what she and her kids were up to for the day. She had this great idea to pack up the strollers and try out a river walk that neither of us had been on before. The trail wound along a very full and silty river, crisscrossing over it and back, much to the delight of Isla and Finnegan - as they were on bridge patrol. We snacked and yakked and were pleased to be shaded by huge Cottonwoods for most of the trail. 

Noontime rolled around and we ended up at their place for lunch and a dip in their backyard pool. Today has felt somewhat indulgent, really. The warm weather, the spontaneous outings and now both kids are sleeping the afternoon away while I enjoy another latte! Life is good. These last few weeks have flown by. I've been fortunate to have friends from far and near to keep us company, share meals and playtimes while Robin has been away. Thanks to everyone. 

Especially to Kate and family, who have been so good to us in so many ways. She even let me borrow her husband!  Mike saved the day this evening when he was able to unlock the bathroom door from the outside after a particular little person had locked it and closed it behind her (thankfully with no other little person locked inside). 

We sure do miss you though dada...get home soon so you can help unlock bathroom doors and enjoy and little poolside time with us too!

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kate said...

awe thanks Eden! I am so glad we are friends AND neighbors. I have some great pictures from yesterday...I will try to get them on the computer for you today. hugs.