Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The not so happy, happy face

Roscoe is a happy child. Has been ever since I can remember. He has always been generous with his smiles and flirtatious smirks and reciprocally is often cooed at and gawked over, much to his delight.  And as his mother, I am in turn always delighted to share this preciousness with others.  

But lately we've been experiencing another side of Roscoe. Still always happy, he has adopted a new expression that I call  - the frown. He has likely picked it up undoubtedly from his mother and his sister, but somehow it just doesn't seem genuine. His nose crinkles up and his eyebrows furrow, yet there is still a twinkle in his eye and a slight dimple indent in his cheek as he tries mightily to look displeased.  

Even this morning, when we raced him to the medical clinic to get checked for an allergic reaction he was having, he still managed to smile at the nurses through his red and puffy bloodshot little eyes. Turned out it was likely a reaction to a new pair of sunglasses that I had bought him, perhaps some residue chemical in the packaging, and thankfully all returned to normal within a couple of hours, but he sure gave his mother real reason to frown with worry. 


kate said...

Oh eden! I didn't know that happened yesterday! How scary!

I love Roscoes "frown"...such a cutie.

Schmoo and Beans Mom said...

This still looks like a happy face!