Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Year one - check!

It's Robin's final week of school. Here he is preparing for his final critique that took place Monday night. Our spare bedroom in the basement has become a repository for large storage jars over the last few months and every so often one of them creeps upstairs and finds a home on the mantel, in the bedroom, in the backyard, on the front step etc.. 

There are likely well over 50 lurking around. We are hoping to find homes for them in due time, but for now Robin is happy to live amongst them and study the progress he has made over the past eight months making them. 

For now though, he is planning to take a break from the large storage form and concentrate on some other ideas that have been churning around in the back of his mind. He won't be working with wet clay for at least another month anyways since he is off to Korea in a week, no sense getting into a cycle at this point. 

This week will be all about celebrating the completion of his first year of his graduate program here in Logan. It's hard to believe we have already met this milestone. We're super proud of you Dada! Congratulations.  


gladventurer said...

ditto on the congratulations to Robin

www.anns blog said...

Well done on your first year. I love the last photo of ALL Robin's creations!!

The Unknown Potter said...

They appear very enticing and I wish I could see them "up close and personal- like"
way ta go all of ya's