Monday, May 4, 2009

Bye Bye Blues

I can hardly keep my eyes pried open long enough to blog this evening. It has been an eventful day, beginning at 4 a.m. when Robin and I got up and out the door without disturbing our kidlets to make an early trip into the Salt Lake City International Airport. 

Robin and five other people from the ceramics department left this morning for the study abroad Korea trip. I volunteered to be one of the drivers to take a carload of them into the city. Many thanks to our friend Sunshine who helped out by sleeping over and watching the kids in the morning so they didn't have to make the trip at dawn as well. 

I was glad to have been able to kiss him goodbye again and send him off with warnings to be safe and reminded him to come back to us healthy, with no swine flu symptoms if at all possible. By 6:45 a.m. I'd already had too much coffee, arrived early for my car appointment and spent the next couple of hours thinking about what a great adventure Robin is about to have overseas.   We will surely miss him here though and already felt his absence throughout the rest of the day. 

I arrived back home mid morning to find two happy kids, they hardly missed me at all it seemed. After an long afternoon nap, which was successful for everyone except me, we headed outside only to find a gigantic turtle had taken up residence in our backyard!!!!!

Much to our delight and relief, this turtle turned out to be not the living kind, but a sandbox for Isla and Roscoe to play and get dirty to their hearts content. So that's what we did. We whittled the afternoon away in the backyard, pulling weeds and building sandcastles. 

But our day didn't end with a good post-sandbox scrub in the tub. We all dolled up after a bath and walked over to the campus to take in the final thesis shows for the remaining two graduate students that are completing their program this year. It was here that it really hit me that Robin was somewhere far away,  somewheres over the Pacific Ocean, likely just as tired as I was, but probably not as comfortable. I hope he finds a couple winks before they land in Seoul tomorrow, as they will hit the ground running in an attempt to pack in a very full itinerary in three short weeks. 

Our itinerary for the next week will include taking a second trip into the big city to pick up my very best friend Kim from the airport with her darling little Daniel. They are coming to visit for a week, which I am over the moon about. Her timing couldn't be more perfect to come and hang out, talk about motherhood and drink copious amounts of wine together.  


gladventurer said...

Love the sand box photos. They will have many hours of playtime out there.

Anonymous said...

sandboxes are the best... how long will robin be gone? what an adventure to go to korea