Saturday, April 25, 2009

It's Show Time!

Well she didn't fall into the orchestra pit, but she definitely turned on the cute factor at the big spring dance recital tonight and made some people chuckle and her mother swell with pride. 

Isla did great for her first major stage performance. Here she is with her group (front left) of which there were 12 in all. We couldn't use flash photography during the show, so I took this photo in the dressing room afterwards, but this is way cuter anyways with them all jacked up on candy and doing the ol' jazz hands.

Robin and I gleefully watched her on stage flit about and clap for herself at the end of the piece along with the audience. She missed several of the cues, and at one point danced alongside one of the older soloists, but it didn't seem to matter much, they reined her in and she was having a great time.

This weekend was also the final pottery show and sale at the school. The students get motivated to do a major year end clean up in the studios and turn the ceramics department into a pottery gallery for three days. Most of them by this point are dead broke, all their student loan monies dwindled away, and are in serious need of some cold hard cash. Unfortunately that translates into the ridiculous flogging of wares at ludicrously low prices. Not such a great thing for educating the public and instilling value in hand made work. 

Regardless, there was some fine work and the set up looked pretty sweet with an abundance of spring tulips and daffodils to add brightness and point out function in some cases. 

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