Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Sweet ride!

Our little Belle is moving up in the world. She's officially graduated from her three wheeled Tour De Neighborhood tricycle to a two wheeler with trailing wheels! The best part in her mind is that her new bike is hot pink, with a purple seat. Yow!

We had been throwing around the idea of getting her a bigger bike for the summer. With the recent warm weather, we have been doing a regular spin around the neighborhood block in the afternoon each day. With the seat on her trike as high as it would go, and her little legs pumping like mad, she'd careen around corners at a pretty good clip with hardly any hesitation.  We figured it was time for a new challenge, besides the fact that her knees were practically hitting her chest. 

I hit the local thrift store and was delighted to find the perfect sized bike at a bargain price. A trip to a second thrift store in town on the same morning resulted in a set of training wheels for the whopping price of two whole dollars. The whole package cost me less than a bucket of chicken from KFC. 

She's had several outings on her new bike over the last two days, a couple of spills and is slowly getting used to the new height and feel. Slow and steady has been the course. I'm sure she'll be taking the corners like she used to in no time, and I'll be running behind with Roscoe in tow trying to keep up.  


www.anns blog said...

What a big girl on her new bike and what lovely sunshine. It's a drastic change from your recent blogs with the snow.

Schmoo and Beans Mom said...

My question is why you know how much a bucket of KFC costs these days!!

Sorry to hear she changed her mind so quickly.