Wednesday, April 22, 2009

So much for the Sweet ride.

Today Isla demanded we take her new bike back to the store. She apparently doesn't like the colour anymore???? 

After much convincing, several blocks from our house, she eventually divulged that she is worried about falling off her bike again, and doesn't like how tippy it feels when she rides it. We spent several long minutes negotiating how we were going to get back to the house, since she was decidedly finished with her bike ride. Meanwhile dark clouds loomed overhead threatening to downpour on us at any moment and Roscoe shrieked continuously in disgust at the long pause he was being faced to endure midst his daily stroller ride,  almost toppling himself and the stroller over in an attempt to flee his mother and sister.  

My patience was short and Isla eventually caught on that she was losing the battle, and angrily accepted her fate to pull the bike home if she wasn't going to ride it. Sadly, I was hoping for a smooth transition to the new bike and am hoping today's experience has not traumatized her further. It's these types of situations where I wish I had more of the pep talk, 'you can do it' type attitude rather than the usual 'buck up buttercup' one. Patience is not one of my best virtues. Tomorrow is another day.  


gladventurer said...

My suggestion.... leave it in the garage and suggest she get out her tricycle. Leave it to her todecide when to try the bike again. This is when I wish I were closer so I could care for Roscoe while you concentrate on Isla.

www.anns blog said...

Your Mum's right. Suggest she uses her tricycle she will soon decide she is a BIG girl now and choose the new bike.As regard your Mothering skills I think you and Kiersten work wonders.