Friday, April 24, 2009

Curtain Call

Today was one of those days that actually turned out exactly how I had hoped it would. Normally I accept that 'plans' are merely wishful intentions, but today I had a master plan and I was thrilled when it all came together. 

My friend Sandra had enlisted me to help her with a sewing project, some new curtains for her daughter Anna's bedroom. Several weeks ago we hit the local fabric store and picked out some great fabric. Then Vegas happened, and Easter came along..... Needless to say, we hadn't got together to put a dent in making the curtains, until today. 

The plan was to spend the morning at home, then head to Sandra's place before noon, feed the kids lunch, put Roscoe down for a nap in the pack and play and get on with the sewing, while Anna and Isla played together for the afternoon. And it all happened, in that order, just as planned! Amazing, I know.  

We had two solid hours of sewing and made great progress on the curtains, only periodically being interrupted to fetch more fruit, or turn on another music CD for our two dancing darlings. Anna and Isla have very similar personalities, and for the most part really enjoy one another's company. They are like two peas in a pod, playing dress up, flitting about and showing one another their latest dance moves. Both girls are in a dance class this spring and have spent the last few months getting ready for their big spring recitals. 

Isla's performance is tomorrow evening at the big downtown theatre. This afternoon we had to rush over to the theatre for the final dress rehearsal after our big play/sewing date. Thankfully Sandra was willing to watch Roscoe for the hour we were gone, so he didn't have to get dragged along. 

After the rehearsal, we picked up Roscoe, made a quick pit stop at home to pick up some things (including Robin) and headed straight out again to our friend's place Kate and Mike for a friday night barbeque. The kids did pretty well, even after a big day out and about and we had them both home and in bed by 7:30p.m. with no fuss. A great finish to a perfectly planned day. 

Tomorrow is another big day. We have plans to visit friends in the afternoon, and then the big recital in the evening. I even have organized a babysitter for Roscoe so that Robin and I are free to enjoy watching Isla in the spotlight. 

I am looking forward to tomorrow night's performance with some trepidation. After watching the dress rehearsal this afternoon, I'm anticipating that my child might be the one that brings the audience to tears (of laughter of course) because of her unwillingness to conform to her teacher's wishes. Let's just hope she doesn't fall into the orchestra pit. 


gladventurer said...

Maybe you should give her a helmet to protect her brain ( heaven forbid) should she fall in to the orchestra pit!

Anonymous said...

hopefully she'll hold onto that unwillingness to conform... my daughter's doing that dancing thing too