Sunday, March 1, 2009

Smokie Clennell

Meet Smokie Clennell. He also goes by Tony and is the other Canadian graduate student in the USU ceramics program. Tony has been working away for the last three years, having been back and forth from his home in southern Ontario and here in Logan and is now on the homestretch to graduate this coming spring. 

We had Tony over for supper this weekend and our kids were immediately taken with him. A grandpa-like figure for them, Roscoe was happy to sit on his knee and Isla keen to have him read her some stories before bed. Nothing like coming over to the DuPonts for a little dose of kid energy. 

Robin and Tony are studio neighbors and can peer over a chest height divider that defines their work space to check on what the other is up to. Robin has mentioned several times to me how he values this setup, being able to talk and observe each other. Robin has a lot of respect for the experience Tony brings to the program - having made a living from making functional pottery for a long time before deciding to embark on his MFA.  Tony is also a great writer with a fun sense of humor and used to write a regular article for both Clay Times and Contact (two ceramic magazines). He also has his own blog. Right now he is making large scale handbuilt vases as tall as he can to still fit in the kiln.

The upcoming firing this weekend of the doublewide will be full of large pieces, Tony's and Robin's. This Canadian contingent is also firing with Heidi (another student soon to graduate) and Dan Murphy, one of their faculty.  

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