Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Bok Bok Chicken

Tonight I made a roast chicken for supper. And as I went about my business dressing and stuffing the bird, Isla and Roscoe went about theirs tearing the kitchen apart drawer by drawer. Isla decided she wanted to help out with the supper preparations and climbed up on a chair beside the counter to get a better vantage point. 

What came next was not what I was expecting. "Is that a bok bok chicken?" she asked. To which I replied yes and glanced over at her face to see a look of shock and confusion. "Like the ones at Anna's house?" was her next question. 

Anna is Isla's friend and daughter of some great folks that we have met here in Logan. Mike and Sandra have a chicken coop in their backyard with about 10 hens and we are some of the lucky recipients of their eggs on a weekly basis. Awhile back we were at their place for supper and got to take a tour of the coop and collect some freshly laid eggs. Anna (also three years
 old) has a very endearing way of addressing the rooster in the flock each time by letting him know that he'll be soup if he doesn't keep quiet. 

I finally caught on that Isla was realizing for the first time that we actually eat those feathery friends she had the pleasure of chasing around that day at Anna's. And the way she was staring at the slippery chicken in my hands, she was also realizing for the first time that before we can eat a chicken it has to lose it's feathers, feet and head first. 

Needless to say, it was an interesting conversation.  


gladventurer said...

So great that you had photos to go with this blog entry!

It willnow be interesting to observe Isla the next time you visit the bok bok farm!

kate said...

that is pretty much the reason I became vegetarian 16 years ago...I realized a chicken was actually a chicken. Your blog made me laugh :)

The Unknown Potter said...

The other day I told Iza about our friends Bunny project-our friend teaches Food Security subjects at the college here and has rabbits for food....it slowly settles in...