Saturday, February 28, 2009

Obsessed....perhaps slightly

Today we packed a picnic lunch and walked over in the sunshine to join Robin for a lunch date. Inside the arts building there are two giant ramps that our children have taken to running the entire length of them while squealing in delight. Robin and I can sit at one end of them and get in a decent visit and supervise our wild things at the same time, all the while catching glimpses from curious onlookers. 

We were perusing the bulletin board on our way back to the studio once the kids were sufficiently tired out from their ramp running and I pointed out a flyer seeking people with OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) willing to participate in a study with the Psychology Department. We just happen to know the Dr. that had put out the call, hence the reason I probably took notice to the flyer. 

Robin chuckled and joked about his obsessiveness with clay, which has thus inspired me to blog tonight about our trip into Salt Lake City on thursday, just to clarify that he truly is obsessed. 

My brother Chris and Sarah had borrowed our vehicle to get themselves around while they were here in Utah this past week. We had arranged to drive down to SLC and pick up the car since they would be flying out at an incomprehensible time of day Friday morning. This way we were able to see them one more time, have supper with some friends and get out of Logan for an evening. 

Since we were going to the city anyways, our friend Joe had asked if we would make a stop in the industrial sector near the airport to pick up some materials that he had ordered thus saving him the 1.5 hour drive. We arrived at Harbinson Walker Refractories Company around 4 p.m. and had to cruise our way through a substantial warehouse district to find it. The attendant at the desk waved us around back and we drove our Jetta right up the ramp into a gigantic warehouse stacked from floor to ceiling. 

Robin's eyes lit up and his jaw fell open as he took in palette upon palette of refractory materials. Harbinson Walker is a business that specializes in high-grade fireproof ceramic refractory products and services for high-temperature applications. Hence, a wood firer's heaven. 

I teased him about his enthusiastic reaction to our short visit, but knowingly realize it won't be the last trip to Harbinson Walker for us DuPonts. 

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gladventurer said...

I think youe mother is the obsessive / compulsive queen in the Mink family!