Tuesday, February 24, 2009


My brother Chris and his girlfriend Sarah have come to visit us here in Utah! They've come to check out our digs, cuddle our kids and get a few turns in on their matching Faction skis. 

They flew into the SLC airport on Sunday afternoon, unfortunately in overcast skies which meant they didn't get to experience the stunning Utah mountains from the air. But their plan is to spend three days this week exploring those mountains on their skis.  

The first part of their visit was to get some quality DuPont time in. We had a full day yesterday with a trip north to some hotsprings in Idaho. The Maple Grove hotsprings are about an 
drive north of Logan, situated right on the edge of Bear River. The road into the pools was a bit sketchy, mostly because of the melting ice coupled with our balding tires, but a beautiful setting nonetheless. It rained for the most part of our time there but the mist and raindrops added to the experience. 

We hit the highway back south and decided on stop at an IHOP (International House of Pancakes) at Sarah's request. We all enjoyed a late afternoon feast of pancakes, complete with fruit and whipped toppings, but payed for it later. Once back home, we elected to go for a long walk around the USU campus to try and burn off our bellyaches. 

They've now headed south to ski at Alta resort and Snowbird and we'll meet up with them again on Thursday for a farewell supper in the big city. 

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Schmoo and Beans Mom said...

Great pictures! I especially love the one of Sarah holding Took! I hope the IHOP wave of nausea didn't last too long.