Wednesday, February 4, 2009

In search of cleaner air

I was feeling guilty about driving the car this week and thus contributing to the red air problem, and tried to avoid any unnecessary trips to the store. But today I was fed up and packed up the kids in search of cleaner air. 

A group of moms and kids were headed out to Beaver Mountain to set up a kiddy corral so that the moms could get in some skiing. I decided, what could be better than spending the afternoon with some moms in the fresh air and sunshine AND getting a few laps on the trail (without having to haul 50 lbs of offspring behind me)! 

We had a great afternoon with three other moms and eight kidlets, all under the age of 4, spelling one another off. The moms were definitely outnumbered, but still managed to maintain some semblance of control. Isla spent a good part of the time on skis scooting around with the other kids, and Roscoe was happy as a clam to be pulled around in his sled by anyone that was up for it. 

There is supposed to be some weather coming through by the weekend, fingers crossed, just in time to lift the firing ban at the school. Some of the students are getting a little antsy with graduate shows coming up. Robin has forfeited his firing next weekend so that his fellow grad students can ensure they get their work in. He'll be contributing and participating in the firing regardless, just likely won't get as many pots in. 

He's continued making the large jar forms and has developed several new techniques to making them, including experimenting with some molds. A result of this has been his output, he can make them way faster now and his studio space will soon become engulfed by the voluminous, pillowy forms if the firing ban lasts much longer.  Let's hope for snow!

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gladventurer said...

Send some photos of Robin's creations.
Glad to hear you are getting awayfrom the bad air.