Monday, February 2, 2009

Blame it on the cows

We're back in the red. Air quality that is. Yesterday we woke up to another crummy inversion. As it was a Sunday morning, Robin wasn't as rushed to get up and out the door to school so we decided to pack the kids up and go out for a coffee and bagel before he had to be there later for a firing shift.  

We stopped in at the studio to pick up Robin's travel mug and met Tony (a fellow Canuck graduate student) just leaving. He was the one to inform us about the air quality warning. He had to make the call to cancel the firing that had been scheduled for the weekend, as there are strict regulations about firing on Red Days. There isn't anyone to blame but the cows apparently. I found out today that the agricultural industry (off gassing of ammonia) coupled with vehicular emissions are the major contributors to this smoggy problem.  

So it wasn't hard to convince Robin to take the rest of the morning off and go out for a real breakfast since his afternoon and evening suddenly opened up. Tony sold us on a greasy spoon north of Smithfield called LD's. We all packed in the car (including Tony) and headed up the highway for a couple of sausage patties, hashbrowns and eggs - over easy.  

The service was slow but the food hit the spot. It was great to have a chance to visit with Tony and spend the morning as a family. 


Schmoo and Beans Mom said...

Yum! We went for breakfast on Sunday too...what a treat! Sometimes bad things (inversion) bring good things (time with Robin)!

gladventurer said...

Those poor damn cows get blame for doing what is natural.

You want meat! deal with the by-product.

Glad you got in some Robin quality time.

I go tomorrow to see the finished pottery fired last Sunday on top of the Balmar Hotel right in the middle of Old Town Mazatlan.

Nothing but nothing shuts down anything here in Maz.

kate said...

The inversion is making me sad.

We will have to try that greasy spoon sometime :) have you tried Calaways in Smithfield? it is a little pizza pasta place. We went was great.

hope you and sandra had fun today!