Thursday, February 5, 2009

Tragedy strikes

Today we almost lost a limb. Isla's most cherished possession has fallen ill from too much love, I'm afraid.

The tragedy struck around noon just after we had picked up Robin from school and were headed out for a family lunch date. There came a high pitched squawk from the back seat and I turned around to catch a look of horror on Isla's face as she held Maggie the doll in the air with a left arm dangling by a few threads. 

Maggie has held up pretty well for the last 13 months. She first arrived on the DuPont scene a few weeks before Roscoe's birth in December of 2007. A gift from her Nana, meant for her to have a baby of her own since her mommy was about to have a real one. Maggie was immediately adopted as our 'third' child and has not strayed far from her keeper's careful watch ever since. 

Maggie also never wore clothes until about 2 months ago. She inherited a fantastic wardrobe, from Isla's older cousin Ryleigh back in October, which at first went completely ignored. But with some coaxing and a little time, Isla warmed up to the idea of dressing her doll and now does so several times a day. Hence the reason for the lost limb I am guessing. The wear on her soft core against the rigid arm and leg parts was beginning to show, and I fear this won't be the only limb Maggie will lose in the next little while.

While it did take several minutes to calm Isla down and retrieve the doll from her clutches to ensure too much stuffing wasn't lost, we did manage to have a lovely lunch out at a great Equadorian restaurant. 

And now I sit here with tears in my eyes, faced with the task of figuring out how to fix dear Maggie's ailment. The tears are not because I am worried about how to mend the doll's arm but rather that I am realizing the real job of motherhood and it's small but important gestures. 




www.anns blog said...

Hope you're successful. It is so important.

gladventurer said...

Duct tape and a terrific imagination to come up with a convincing explanation for a 3yr old who will hopefully except it.

Saying " "It's ok will not cut it"

Good luck!