Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Enough about me, what about the potter?

Okay, so I'm still feeling a tad smug about the whole cake thing, but let's get onto other topics of interest. 

The potter, remember him? Here he is in his modest studio space, surrounded by a month's worth of work piling up around him. The inversion did finally break last Friday and a group of students were able to fire up one of the wood kilns. Robin had a few smaller pieces in that particular firing, but rather is stockpiling his larger work for the end of the month when they light up the doublewide again. You may remember from a previous blog entry in the fall that I wrote about this massive kiln. 

It'll likely be another five day, fourteen cords of wood type of firing, but Robin is sure to get quite a few of his big jars in and a lot of information out. There will be plenty of variation in the work going in, such as the clay bodies he's made them out of, the different forming techniques; some coil built, some from a mold, paddling etc. 

I'm sure he will have lots to ponder about afterwards, with enough time to make some decisions about "what next" before his critique in March. Regardless, it'll free up some space in his studio and fill up our spare room in the basement with new work. Did I mention I might open an underground gallery during nap times? 


Schmoo and Beans Mom said...

holy smokes those are big pots....

gladventurer said...

Check out Black pottery on Google!