Saturday, October 18, 2008

Kiln unloading

Yesterday was the much anticipated unloading of the doublewide kiln. I arrived at the school around noon with the kids to see what treasures had been discovered, only to find a group of very sombre looking ceramics students standing around a sea of grey pots. 

Hmmm. I guess it didn't go so well. 

That was the first reaction anyways. With the little bit of time between the unloading and the potluck that we hosted last night at our house, spirits seem to have lifted and there was talk of what could be learned from the firing. It is never all bad, you should be able to come away with at least information to work with if not any pots. 

Robin came out of the firing with a couple of his larger pieces that he was happy with, and hopeful of how they will inform his next body of work. For most of the other students that participated, a similar feeling was felt. But certainly not a stellar firing. Seems too bad for all that effort and the 14 cords of wood they had to prep and burn. I guess that's what this schooling bit is all about - the learning process. 

It didn't seem to effect the mood at the potluck. Isla was thrilled to have a house full of guests that were just as thrilled to entertain her for a couple hours before she went off to bed. I was amazed that both of them could sleep through the evening with a house full of chatting and laughing going on in the very next room. 

We had a great spread of food and the group was especially excited to sample the chinese "beijo", a %50 distilled alchohol product that my mom had brought it back from China as a gift for Robin. She was interested in the ceramic bottle that it came in and thought it a good souvenier for her son-in-law. 

Well it was a definite hit at the party last night. A group of USU students spent three months in China last year as part of their ceramics program and were familiar with the drink. It was great to be able to share it with some folks that could appreciate both the bottle and its contents. Besides, at %50 alcohol, it is unlikely that it would have ever been consumed by the two of us alone. 

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Schmoo and Beans Mom said...

The ups and downs of the pottery world. Nice to hear you had a good potluck.