Thursday, February 12, 2009

One Walks, the Other Dances

Our little Took reached a major milestone this week. He is now officially walking. 
He's been dabbling in it now for at least a month, cruising along furniture with ease, taking the occasional step between the safehold of a parental leg to one of a chair's. Yet he didn't seem eager to put himself out there anymore than that. In fact, I was beginning to wonder what was his deal when I observed  a cause and effect reaction in play with his exuberant older sister. 

Isla of course adores her little brother to no end, but has a way of swooping in on him when he least expects it. I witnessed first hand Roscoe attempt a tentative free stand in the kitchen one morning, only to promptly plop himself down at the sight of his sister entering the room. And then I witnessed this same reaction again and again. The poor guy was afraid of getting knocked over. 

We explained to Isla that her enthusiasm was welcomed, but that we had to give Roscoe some space in order for him to really commit to learning how to walk on his own. She seemed relatively okay with this, and with several reminders has backed off, enough that
Roscoe trusts that he is safe to proceed with this whole walking experiment. Her attention has been diverted anyways by a package that arrived last week from her Nana, complete with ballerina slippers, bodysuit, leotards, skirts and a matching doll. She is truly prima! 


Schmoo and Beans Mom said...

What a beautiful little princess! Took looks pretty proud of himself too. Great pictures.

kate said...

those are great pictures! too cute! thanks for the walk yesterday. have a great valentine's day and sushi dinner.

www.anns blog said...

They'll certainly be no holding Roscoe now he's off. Well done to him. Maybe Isla will give him an impromtu concert of song and dance with her new props.