Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Professor's wife

I'm pleased to introduce to you.....The Professor's Wife! 

This is my friend Kim. We go way back, as far back as playing Strawberry Shortcake and wearing jelly shoes together. And then our mothers, well they go even farther back, but I won't divulge any details that would give away their ages. 

Kim and I have lots in common, both grew up in Calgary, both have an older sister, both have two children of the approximate same ages, both love our husbands enough to follow them to the ends of the earth in pursuit of their passions. Coincidently, both Robin and Greg found reason to move their families from Canada to the United States this previous summer in pursuit of these passions, pottery and theology respectively. 

While we were packing up and heading south to Utah, Kim
 and Greg were also on the move south from Ontario to Louisville, Kentucky. After many years studying and
teaching at McMaster University in Hamilton Ontario, Greg accepted a position as Professor of Theology at Bellarmine University. And yesterday the whole family became permanent residents of the USA! Congrats on a smooth immigration process.  

Something that I have realized is that it's comforting to know that someone you know, knows what you know.....if that makes any sense? And although I wouldn't say this transition has been a walk in the park, and that I openly admit to giving myself the occasional back pat for playing the supportive role in all of this, I can honestly say that Kim should get the gold medal for what she has endured the last six months. 

First Hurricane Ike, and now an Ice storm!  And I was complaining about a puny inversion. 

Thankfully they are one of the lucky homes in Louisville to still have power. I suppose the weather is one of the quirky things you grow accustomed to living in the south, while Utah of course has it's own quirkiness. 

P.S. The other thing we share in common is our ability to make incredibly cute children of course. 


Schmoo and Beans Mom said...

How nice to see the semi-relatives from down south! It is pretty crazy how similar your lives have turned out!

gladventurer said...

You two sound like the two high school girlfriends from Hagersville High.