Friday, January 9, 2009

Where's my refund?

A fond memory of my teenage years was to monitor the bottles and can stash piling up in the garage and try to maximize the wait time (to accumulate quantities) then wake up early on a Saturday before my brother beat me to it and gather them all up, make a break for the bottle depot and cash in for a few extra bucks in my pocket. 

Usually Chris beat me to it. If he didn't, usually the amount was a pittance. But whatever, money is money. 

Our bottles have been accumulating in our garage here in Logan for the last four months. Robin is a beer enthusiast and I've been known to drink a glass of wine now and then. So you can imagine that over a period of time the numbers would add up. We decided it was time to clear them out of the garage so that we could utilize the garage for it's intended use this winter. Imagine, a dry and warm vehicle to get into. 

So I packed up the bottles and kids and set out to find a bottle depot and was amazed to find out there is no such thing here in Utah! "Nope, just take them to a recycling center" they said. 
I pondered sadly as I drove to the recycling center that no bottle depot also meant no refund for  me. 

Instead of a friendly teenager handing over a few sticky coins, I found myself alone at the bins separating and sorting my bottles by colour into the appropriate slots. I was however relieved to notice that there are a fair few other folks in Logan that drink beverages that come in green and brown bottles. We are not alone.


Schmoo and Beans Mom said...

Bummer about the refund. At least you know that you're not alone in Utah.

gladventurer said...

I double the bummer comment!
Just when a few extra pennies would be gratefully accepted. Look on the brighter side. At least you are recycling them.
My latest find here in Mazatlan is"Luna di Luna" a Shiraz Merlot( bright orange bottle) from Italy. Also make a Merlot Chardonney which I prefer.(bright red bottle)No bottle depot here as well.

www.anns blog said...

We've never had a refund on bottles just re-cycling and woe betide you if you put the wrong colour bottle in a re-cycling bin. Quite a challenge when you've consumed the contents of the bottle!!