Sunday, January 11, 2009

Full Moon Party

Last night, by the light of the full moon, Robin and I rode off down the street on our bicycles wearing all our winter accessories (minus the ski goggles) to a party a few blocks away. I was giddy at the notion of going out to a party while our children slumbered unknowingly in their beds and had to be careful not to upset the bike on the patches of black ice along the way.  

It was a potluck party for the ceramics department at Dan and Maria's place that had been planned for the semester start. I'd wrestled all week with the idea of going and taking the kids, then decided for their sake that their sickness took priority over my socializing and they were better off going to bed at the regular time. So instead I set out to find a babysitter, but really had no luck. By Friday, I was resolved to miss the party and send Robin without me. 

Enter stage left: Uncle Joe

Joe had been over for supper on Friday and took it upon himself to insist that we go to the party and he would be more than happy to hang out at the house with the kids. What a saint! Although I really had a great time being out with Robin for a whole night of adult conversation, I left the party now all the more determined to find a babysitter that is not associated with the clay dept. because really Joe should have been there with us, however generous the offer was. 

But again, many thanks to Uncle Joe. 

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gladventurer said...

Lucky you to have a ' uncle Joe' and good luck finding a sitter.