Thursday, January 8, 2009

Battling the Bronchitisaurus

There is an ugly, unwelcome guest lurking in the depths of my children's lung cavities. He keeps them up at night with a menacing cough and haunts them during the day inflicting all kinds of miserable aches and pains. 

He is the BROCHITISAURUS! Parents be warned, this nasty creature may rear it's ugliness with the sudden onset of a fever and it is sure to include plenty of respiratory secretions. 

My poor children. Their poor mama. 

Not to fret. With lots of liquids, rest and a shining knight named Amoxicillin, we'll kick this Bronchitis in the butt. 
Let's hope he retreats sooner than later because I am getting tired of explaining to Isla why we are having yet another "pj" day at home. 


gladventurer said...

You areso amazingly creative Eden. Love your monster story tonight. You go get him,girl!!!

www.anns blog said...

ait's all so miserable and trying for all of you. Let's hope they soon bounce back.